Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

 Book Summary: A Dog's Purpose is a "novel for humans" and is told from the perspective of a dog.  The basis of the story is that a dog never really passes on, he or she is just reborn as a puppy again and again to serve a different purpose or make a difference in a different person's life.  Toby is reborn as Bailey, who is reborn as Elly, and so on...

Ms. Kiplinger's Opinion: Anyone who has a dog (or has ever had a dog) with find this book endearing and a bit emotional.  The dog telling the story lives several fulfilling (though sometimes short) lives and makes many humans happy.  Told from the viewpoint of a dog, there are many funny moments and expressions that give you insight in to just what a dog may be thinking when around humans.  Toby tells us a story of a dog who lives a life based on survival and, after rescued, mostly just spends his time playing with other dogs; then, he is reborn as Bailey, who loves his boy more than he could ever imagine and is sure his purpose is fulfilled at the end of this life.  Sure enough, he is then reborn as Elly, who serves an important role rescuing and saving human lives.  Finally, he is reborn as Buddy, who connects it all back together neatly. This book is a nominee for the Gateway award in the state of Missouri, which means it was selected by teens and teachers as a must-read...and I have to say that I agree with their choice!  The best part?  There's a sequel!  I'm currently reading it and only have good things to say so far, so check out A Dog's Journey if you love this one as much as I did.

Here is the author-created book trailer:

Update: A Dog's Journey was just as good, if not better, than A Dog's Purpose!


  1. YESH! I'll look for "A Dog's Journey" at the library when I'm done with the pile I'm now reading.

  2. I think you will especially like it because of what it's about, Roberta!